Afternoon prayer at home during this isolation

There are 14 sets of readings (see page 3) and each service consists of scriptures of preparation; confession; one reading from Isaiah; a Psalm and a New Testament reading; a creed; and ends with prayers.  The idea is that there is quite a lot of choice as you use the service sheet - you choose ONE of the various Creeds, sentences of scripture etc.  The service takes 20 – 30 minutes depending upon how long you meditate and reflect after each of the readings and how much prayer and silence you decide upon.  Some may find this a very helpful option in place of some of our other midweek activities.

Please click on the document below. 

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"Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude; an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God."

Christians can't function as followers of Jesus without prayer. Prayer is simply talking with God. As a church, we want to prioritise prayer in all we do - individually and together. Prayer doesn't have to be complicated - in fact, it's better if it's not! 

We meet together to pray at Fairfield weekly on these occasions:

  • Sunday mornings: 9.40-9.55am. We meet to pray for the morning service, and encourage people to come and pray when they can, and go as they need, between these times.
  • Friday mornings: 8.45-9.30am. We meet to pray for a variety of needs in the church and community.
  • Tuesday afternoons: 5.15-5.45pm. For quiet mediative worship and prayer

Church prayer meeting

We also meet monthly. This is our whole church prayer gathering, where we focus on listening to God, praying for one another and the ministries of the church. 

Next meeting: Wednesday 1st April 8pm via Zoom - you will be sent the link prior to the meeting.

Family Prayer Breakfast

We want our children to grow up with prayer so we plan a termly Family prayer breakfast too! All ages are welcome. 

Next breakfast: TBC