What We Believe


We completely and whole-heartedly believe that everything revolves around Jesus Christ - who he is and what he's done. The whole of human history depends upon his claims, his action, and his death and resurrection. We'd love to chat with you about how that works itself out in each of our lives. Get in touch if you want to question, explore, or even disagree! Here's our contact page.

More specifically, Fairfield's doctrinal basis focuses on the core elements of the Christian faith. We believe in:

- God the Father as Creator of the universe and all life within it, and the Father of all who believe in him through the Lord Jesus Christ.

- The Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God; his incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, and coming again.

- God the Holy Spirit who gives life and gifts to the individual Christian and to the church.

- The fact of sin, the necessity of atonement achieved by the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus on the cross. Only through faith in Him can human beings obtain forgiveness of sins and eternal life. He is the church's High Priest and the one Mediator between God and man, by whom alone we have access to the Father.

- The whole bible as the word of God and the supreme authority in all matters of life and belief.

We are affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and agree with their Basis of Faith.

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