We have groups for 11 - 18 year olds. 

Ultra-Cru is for those in school years 7 - 9 (ages 11-14). We meet on a Sunday morning to read the bible together, pray, play games and hang out. 

Every other week we meet for Crucial a chance to get deeper in relationship to God, chatting about tough questions and figuring out what faith looks like in real life.

Vision is for school years 10 - 13 (ages 14-18) who meet regularly on Sunday mornings and mid week to talk, play games, explore the bible, eat food, pray and laugh.

Vision Cell gets together every other Thursday as a chance to ask the difficult questions of life and faith. Throughout the year we do lots of different socials including meals, sleepovers, trips and board game nights to hang out with each other, grow closer as a group and support one another.

To find out details of these groups please email