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Sun 27th Dec 2020 10:00 Sunday Service Revelation 18 Advent:3 aspects of Jesus' second coming Babylon is fallen Tony Lane
Sun 15th Nov 2020 10:00 Sunday Service Suffering The suffering servant Tony Lane
Sun 13th Sep 2020 10:00 Sunday Service 1 corinthians 8 1 Corinthians Tony Lane
Sun 10th May 2020 10:00 Sunday Service Num 11-14:1st & 2nd Rebellion Numbers, Warnings from the wilderness Tony Lane
Sun 19th Jan 2020 10:00 Sunday Service Luke 4:1-13 Luke Tony Lane
Sun 29th Dec 2019 10:00 Sunday Service Luke 2:21-51 Luke Tony Lane
Sun 20th Oct 2019 10:00 Sunday Service Various? We Believe What has gone wrong with us? Tony Lane
Sun 18th Aug 2019 10:00 Sunday Service Judges 17:1-13 Micah, a typical Israelite individual? Tony Lane
Sun 12th May 2019 10:00 Sunday Service Psalm 27:10, 68:5, 89:26, 103:13 God the Father The Father revealed Tony Lane
Sun 24th Mar 2019 10:00 Sunday Service 1 Corinthians 7:1-40 Corinthians Tony Lane
Sun 10th Feb 2019 10:00 Sunday Service 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 Corinthians Tony Lane
Sun 23rd Dec 2018 10:00 Sunday Service Advent: Christmas in John Advent: Christmas in John Tony Lane
Sun 23rd Sep 2018 10:00 Sunday Service John 17:20-26 Tony Lane
Sun 08th Jul 2018 10:00 Sunday Service Psalm 1 & 2 Psalms Tony Lane
Sun 10th Jun 2018 10:00 Sunday Service Ezekiel 18 Ezekiel Individual Responsibility Tony Lane
Sun 08th Apr 2018 10:00 Sunday Service tbc Holy Spirit 3rd person of Trinity Tony Lane
Sun 04th Mar 2018 10:00 Sunday Service Philippians 3:17-4:9, Philippians Tony Lane
Sun 24th Dec 2017 10:00 Sunday Service Colossians 1:15-20 The Incarnation The Incarnation Tony Lane
Sun 19th Nov 2017 10:00 Sunday Service John 15:18-16:4 John Tony Lane
Sun 22nd Oct 2017 10:00 Sunday Service John 14:1-14 John Tony Lane
Sun 28th May 2017 10:00 Sunday Service Revelation 21:1-22:5 The Church Eternal Tony Lane
Sun 02nd Apr 2017 10:00 Sunday Service Deuteronomy 32-34 Deuteronomy Tony Lane
Sun 20th Nov 2016 10:00 Sunday Service John 10:22-40 John 10:22-40 Tony Lane
Sun 31st Jul 2016 10:00 Sunday Service 2 Kings 4-5 2 Kings Elisha - the Lord is at work Tony Lane
Sun 01st May 2016 10:00 Sunday Service Books of the Bible Series Isaiah Tony Lane
Sun 06th Mar 2016 10:00 Sunday Service Proverbs 3:13-20 Books of the Bible Series Proverbs Tony Lane
Sun 31st Jan 2016 10:00 Sunday Service Hebrews 12:2 1 & 2 Kings 1 Kings 10: Solomon's downfall Tony Lane
Sun 20th Dec 2015 10:00 Sunday Service Luke 2:1-21 Advent Birth of Jesus & the shepherds Tony Lane
Sun 20th Sep 2015 11:00 Sunday Service John 1:19-51 The Gospel of John The Testimony of John the Baptist Tony Lane
Sun 19th Apr 2015 11:00 Sunday Service Leviticus How we read and use the Old Testament Tony Lane
Sun 08th Mar 2015 10:00 Sunday Service Romans 14:1-23 Tony Lane
Sun 25th Jan 2015 10:00 Sunday Service Romans 11:1-36 Tony Lane
Sun 23rd Nov 2014 10:00 Sunday Service Galatians 3:28 Women of the Bible We are Christ's heirs to the promise Tony Lane
Sun 19th Oct 2014 11:00 Sunday Service Women of the Bible Mary Magdalene Tony Lane
Sun 03rd Aug 2014 11:00 Sunday Service 2 Corinthians Tony Lane
Sun 18th May 2014 11:00 Sunday Service 1 Peter 1.13-2.3 Books of Peter Live out your time in reverent fear Tony Lane
Sun 20th Apr 2014 11:00 Sunday Service Easter 2014 He is Risen! Tony Lane
Sun 09th Mar 2014 10:00 Sunday Service Prayer Series Confession and Accountability Tony Lane
Sun 02nd Mar 2014 10:00 Sunday Service Joel Tony Lane
Sun 01st Dec 2013 10:00 Sunday Service Advent The Prophets (Looking forward to Jesus) Tony Lane
Sun 25th Aug 2013 11:00 Sunday Service Mark 8.27-38 The Gospel of Mark A great answer, right and wrong Tony Lane
Sun 11th Aug 2013 11:00 Sunday Service Mark 7.1-30 The Gospel of Mark Unclean hands and unclean dogs Tony Lane
Sun 21st Apr 2013 11:00 Sunday Service The Book of Job Job & Eliphaz Tony Lane
Sun 10th Feb 2013 10:00 Sunday Service 1 John 2.28 — 3.10 The First Letter of John Living as Children of God Tony Lane
Sun 09th Sep 2012 11:00 Sunday Service Isaiah 2-4 The Book of Isaiah Judah's Hope, Guilt, Hope Tony Lane
Sun 05th Aug 2012 11:00 Sunday Service 2 Timothy 4.6-8 God's Olympics Profile of a Spiritual Champion Tony Lane
Sun 24th Jun 2012 11:00 Sunday Service Nehemiah 4-5 The Book of Nehemiah Coping with Discouragement Tony Lane
Sun 22nd Apr 2012 11:00 Sunday Service John 20.19-30 Between Easter and Pentecost Doubting Thomas Tony Lane
Sun 11th Mar 2012 10:00 Sunday Service 40 Days of Purpose Fellowship Tony Lane
Sun 22nd Jan 2012 10:00 Sunday Service 1 Corinthians 15.45 The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ Christ and Adam Tony Lane
Sun 04th Dec 2011 10:00 Sunday Service Romans 8.18-27 The Letter to the Romans God's Plan for Creation Tony Lane
Sun 11th Sep 2011 11:00 Sunday Service Romans 1.18-32 The Letter to the Romans What if we reject God? Tony Lane
Sun 15th May 2011 11:00 Sunday Service 1 Timothy 2.1-7 The Pastoral Epistles Tony Lane
Sun 20th Mar 2011 10:00 Sunday Service Joshua 7 The Book of Joshua Faith Disabled Tony Lane

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