God's world

Mission around the World

We are a worldwide mission-minded church. We see supporting mission as a vital part of our commitment to the gospel of Jesus. We thank God for giving us the opportunity of partnering with individuals both here in the UK and around the world as they work to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus in different ways and in different places.

Mission Partners

  • Chris Wigram, Pinner,
European Christian Mission


  • Hans & Priscilla Breekveldt, Salta, 
Latin Link

  • Daniel & Janet Berkovic, Zagreb, Bible Teaching

  • Peter & Silje Lilly, South of France,    
European Christian Mission


  • Paul & Amia Newham,
Asia Challenge Teams OM
South East Asia


Other International Friends that we support through prayer

In alphabetical order:

  • Iñán & Rachel Alberti in Church Leadership in Salta, Argentina.
  • The Dohnavur Fellowship in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Mark & Gill Newham
  • The Pointman Leadership Institute
  • Fabian & Rebeca Santiago, Mexico
  • Daniel & Jody Unterrheiner in Gulu, Uganda.

Part of the One Church of Jesus Christ worldwide

As well as our international partnerships, we relate to other Christians locally through Churches Together in Northwood (CTN).

Nationally, we are members of Partnership - a network of independent Bible churches. Our belief in the Gospel and our partnership with all Christians who share our evangelical convictions is celebrated through our membership of the Evangelical Alliance.